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Fishing Report – Los Vaqueros Reservoir – 6/21/2011

General Conditions

Striped bass fishing continues to provide the best action here with stripers averaging 8 to 12lbs. Anglers are also catching a few big catfish, a few trout as well as some largemouth bass.

Water conditions for fishing are excellent. The water temperature is increasing but remains on the cool side at 63 degrees. Our water level is currently at 50%.


Trout fishing is still rated fair to slow but we saw many more trout this week than in previous weeks. No trout have been planted in over a month so these are all hold over fish. Most of the trout are being caught in 5 to 10 feet of water by anglers fishing with bait. Many anglers are using bobbers or very small sliding sinkers to fish effectively in the shallow water. Trout are in great shape and averaging between 2 and 3lbs. Nightcrawlers or powerbait take most of the trout. We saw a couple limits that came out of the south cove. Trolling is slow. Trout are receiving pretty light pressure as most anglers are going after striped bass. We have even seen a half a dozen trout caught on anchovies by anglers working for stripers.

Largemouth Bass

Bass fishing improved with the warmer weather. Several boating anglers reported catching a few fish in the 3lb range. We also saw some 2 to 3lb bass caught by shore anglers. Senko’s are your best bet. Nightcrawlers are also a good choice. Try fishing any trees or structure you can locate. The backs of coves have produced some nice fish.   Please practice catch and release as bass are a limited resource.


Bait fishing continued to be good for striped bass. We weighed in over 65 striped bass between the 14th and 20th. Many other fish go unreported and many others are released. Most of these fish are in the 8 to 12lb range. Anglers continue to catch lots of fish under 18 inches that need to be released. Please treat them gently; they are the future of the reservoir’s fishery. Top fish for the week went 13.5lbs. Anchovies, shad or sardines take the most stripers. Trolling for stripers has slowed some. The warmer weather may be putting the fish down a little deeper. Anglers are going to need to adjust their methods. Fishing is clearly becoming better earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. We hope this is a temporary blip in the striper trolling but time will tell.


We had a couple salmon in the 5 pound range reported. Both were caught from shore on anchovies by anglers fishing for stripers.


As we do every week during the spring and summer we had a handful of big catfish caught. Fish of 17.1lbs, 22.1lbs, 21.7lbs, 12.7 and 14lbs were checked in. Several other big cats were reported caught and released. Anchovies caught most of these fish but worms, stink baits and mackerel will all catch catfish. We hope to plant 1000lbs of 1 to 1.5lb catfish towards the end of June or in early July.


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