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The Deadliest States For Boaters

Boating safety is an issue everyone should take seriously. Based on 2011 statistics, there are several states where it should be taken even more seriously. While this list likely isn’t going to take anyone by surprise as it consists entirely of coastal states, the sheer number of accidents is certainly something that needs to be […]

Record Setting Maryland Blue Catfish Released Back into the Wild Raises all Sorts of Questions

News came yesterday from the WorldFishingNetwork that an 84 lb record breaking blue catfish was caught off the Potomac river. Ed Jones and his guide Captain Josh Fitchett have not disclosed their method of catching the fish, which I am sure is on everyone’s minds. Stranger still, the two anglers agreed to keep the fish […]

Fishing Enthusiasts Make a Catch on Martha’s Vineyard This Summer

With six scenic towns offering various shopping outlets, beautiful natural sites to explore, fine dining to indulge in, and a lively nightlife for visitors and locals to revel in, it’s no wonder Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals are heavily popular in the summertime. Located south of the Cape, the Vineyard contains a summer population of more […]

Pacu Caught at San Pablo Reservoir

A Pacu was recently caught at San Pablo Reservoir. Mathias Langlotz caught the 12 inch Pacu on chicken livers while fishing for catfish. These omnivores are from South America and commonly eat nuts that have fallen from trees. They have also been known to bite off fingers and other extruding body parts of unsuspecting swimmers.

Striped Bass at a Golf Course

Somebody went golfing and decided to fish instead. Two of my favorite hobbies in one!